No relationship is free of those moments of dishonesty. It’s just the nature of dating. But the motivation for lying differs between men and women. Because society conditions females to be nurturers and peacekeepers, their habitual lies tend to protect the relationship itself. Men, however, are evolutionary aggressors and competitors. If they’re making it up, there’s a good chance it’s to preserve sex. No lie is too petty if it keeps a significant other interested. Here’s what men and women are lying to each other about, and why.

Women lie about their sexual history. Whether rounding up or making some exemptions, she’s probably revising her sexual history to keep you interested.

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Women lie about their interests. She’s awfully arachnophobic for a camping aficionado. Chances are she’s lying to cement the date.

Women lie about the sex itself. Even if she’s had better, she’ll tell you it was great to keep the peace. No one wants a sad sap in the sack.

Women lie about their weight. He can already tell if he likes your body. But that won’t stop her from exaggerating for effect.

Women pretend they don’t know. Nothing comes close to a woman’s intuition, but she won’t let you know that if it hurts the relationship.

Women pretend they’re fine. Sometimes there’s more going on beneath the surface than can really be explained. Or maybe it can. Either way, she won’t tell if she thinks it could cause problems.

Women lie about the dinner you cooked. If your culinary creations don’t impress, she won’t admit it. Anything to keep you from feeling bad.

Men lie about the sex too. Women fear for the future of the relationship, but men are just trying to secure future intercourse. Typical.

Men lie about their (indecent) intentions. How many roundabout tactics can a guy invent to get a girl to sleep with him? An infinite amount, it would seem.

They lie about their exes. “I don’t know why she’s texting me” shouldn’t convince anyone. But if it’s all that he’s got, he’s going to think it’s worth a shot.

Men lie about marriage. Men will react defensively if you ask about engagement. That ring means the end of their sexual freedom.

Men lie about how they spend their time. If a man is suddenly picking up “extra hours at work”, or using two cell phones, there’s a good chance he might be cheating. He’s guarding his sexy time like it’s Buckingham Palace.

Men lie about fantasizing. He knows that his fantasies could turn you off, or worse—make you insecure. Some things stay in his head so that you’ll stay in his bed.

Men lie about liking your friends. Women love a sensitive guy who can hang with the girls. Men know this. And they’re most likely trying to please you to reap the sexual benefits.

Men lie about wanting to meet your family. You can’t really expect him to want to meet your parents after a couple dates. In his case, this could be an easy-in—if only he’d give in.



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