Parenting changes you. All of the sudden you find yourself responsible for the wellbeing of a tiny, vulnerable creature and every decision you make is critical. The responsibility brings both immense happiness, and stresses you out to the point of collapse. But it can also make you sexier. Yeah, you read that right. Evolution has designed us to gravitate towards responsible co-parents, so it makes sense that a great dad is also a  dad. Many women admit that seeing a man rise to the occasion of parenting is totally arousing. Fatherhood brings out the sensitive, responsible, attentive side of men and acts as a full-on aphrodisiac. Here are just a handful of reasons why parenting just made your man a whole lot sexier.Do you find dads more attractive than childless guys? Share your comments below!

They show affection. The days of emotionally distant dads are over. Moms love it when their spouse dishes out hugs and kisses as soon as he steps through the door. Showing physical affection and saying “I love you” are signs of peak emotional maturity. And nothing turns a woman on like a man who feels his emotions.

They wear their babies. It may look pretty silly when a man straps his newborn infant to his chest for easy portability. Many men consider this solution to be ridiculous and emasculating, but women have a very different take. A father that wears his baby on his chest is in touch with his emotions and confident enough to disregard the opinions of haters. And confidence is sexy.

They’re not afraid to get silly. A playful dad is a confident dad. He’s always down to have a tea party or play dress up because he loves how happy it makes his kids. While he’s setting up Lego cities with your son, you’re looking on from the kitchen, swooning.

You understand each other. Parenthood causes hormone changes in the brains of parents that bring them closer together. Oxytocin is most notably released in a woman’s brain while giving birth to a child. But it also releases in a man’s brain when he’s playing with his kid. Suddenly, you derive pleasure from the same things. Well, from other stuff too.

They care about something other than themselves. Any woman that’s dated knows how selfish guys can be. For some men, fatherhood is the only thing that can pry his attention away from himself. And oh, does it pry. Women are suckers for a guy that puts another’s well-being before his own.

The dad bod is sexy. Chiseled, muscular men are great and all, but is that really what women are attracted to? Recently, the so-called “dad bod” has been embraced for its unexpected sexual appeal. It says, “I go to the gym or walk past one once in a while, but I also love to eat cheeseburgers.” Turns out, this byproduct of being a busy father is immensely attractive to women.

I love him kissing me!

His responsibility helps you orgasm. A father who pulls his weight in childrearing eases a mother’s stress. It also increases her ability to orgasm, according to research. A good father means less work to do, fewer distractions, and more orgasms, apparently! What’s not to love?

Fatherhood humbles him. You’re both going through parenthood together for the first time. You’re both suffering from feelings of cluelessness and panic. Admitting your weakness is the sexiest thing imaginable. It’s like you’re in the trenches together, and it only brings you closer.


They cry. You’ve never seen a guy cry from happiness like your baby daddy. And even if you did, it wouldn’t have the deeply attractive effect on you that it has now. Maybe it’s just the hormones, but watching a father embrace his sensitive side is lady kryptonite.

Their hormones change. A recent study found that stay-at-home dads show a decrease in testosterone and an increase in estrogen as they assume the role of “mother.” This manifests as greater patience, better verbal skills, and more compassion, making him an even more better father. So. Damn. Hot.

They stay ambitious. The father who juggles family life and professional life is seriously hot. It’s like the pressures of work and home life somehow combine to make him into a super dad. The result is a greater, sexier sense of security for mom.

He loves your baby body. He’s seen you through more weight fluctuations than your own mother, and he’s still attracted to you! A man that sticks around after seeing you swallow four hamburgers like nothing is a man worth keeping.

They loosen the reins. “Personally I prefer a scruffy, relaxed dad to a clean-shaven, stressed-out one,” says Heidi Raykeil, author of “Confessions of a Naughty Mommy.” If you’re constantly working on your child’s behalf, you’re likely to let go of masculine beauty standards out of sheer exhaustion. This could be the best thing that ever happened to your sex life.

Father teaching his son to ride a bike

They rise to the challenge. He gets up in the middle of the night to tend to your crying baby. He cooks you dinner when he sees you’re exhausted. The responsibilities of parenting can knock you out, but he’s always there to help pick up the slack. A man that pays attention to your needs so you don’t even have to ask? Sexy.

They appreciate their partners. Parenting can be a thankless task. That’s why it’s so deeply arousing when the father of your children takes the time to show his appreciation for you. Who knew being recognized was such a turn on?



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