Is there anyone of the planet that doesn’t loves college? If you are currently enrolled in a college, lucky you!

If you attended college in the past, you know that the entire campus is stacked with young, hot, fun ladies just waiting for the next party. And today, we will gladly highlight all of the sexy college smokeshows around the country!

Well isn’t this the best thread ever?! Who the hell doesn’t love a college smokeshow. And today, we have got quite the sexy bunch for your viewing pleasure!

Now there are many girls here from all around the country. All of these lovely ladies are heating up their college campuses. So while we highlight their beauty, we’ll try to give you some facts too.

For example, the name “Alumni” comes from the Latin “Alumnus” which means “foster son.” That’s pretty damn weird no if you ask us. But what’s not weird are all of these college smokeshows!

Now we are using the word college here today but we really don’t need to. This is because, in the US, the words college and university are very similar. But outside of this country, the 2 words have very different definitions in schooling.

We enjoy schooling you on all of these smokeshows. And to be clear, you should very much enjoy being schooled! So keep on scrolling and let this lovely lesson continue!

Now did you know that the first college to graduate women was the Oberlin College. The graduating class must’ve been quite the sight. Who wouldn’t love to see all those smart and sexy women everywhere!

Did you know that in this day and age there are more women graduating college than men. That’s probably because the guys just stick around for the new girls. Those super seniors know how to do at least one thing right!

Who in their right mind wouldn’t want a college smokeshow! Seriously, these girls are so damn irresistible! We can’t get enough of them and neither should you!


Now we have already established that Oberlin College was the first college to graduate women. But did you know that this college also graduated the first black woman? Her name was Mary Jane Patterson and she paved the way for millions of women after her.


College football is an absolutely massive aspect of being in college. And the first college football game happened in November of 1869. It was Princeton vs. Rutgers and Rutgers won in a huge way, 6-4.

Now obviously as time progressed, college football scores have gone up in the numbers. But we all know that the game isn’t the most important part of being there. We all know that it’s all the sexy cheerleaders that matter!

Imagine if all of these smokeshows were put on one cheer team. I think there isn’t a guy in the world that wouldn’t want to enroll in that school. Even if you don’t play sports, you don’t need to be athletic at all to gaze at the cheerleaders!

Now there are so many co-ed colleges around the world. But did you know that they are 60 all-female colleges in the country. I wonder how much it costs to live near any of those colleges?!

There are around 5,000 colleges and universities in this country alone! Now that’s alot of students getting their education on. And more importantly, that’s alot of sexy college girls out there.

And all of these colleges are doing so much for the future of our country. Colleges around the country grant more than 2 million degrees per year. So lets say half of them are women; thats 1 million sexy college grads each year!

Did you know that about 60% of all college students are female. So guys, there are so many options out there on your campus. So there is no room for an excuse that you can’t find someone!

Now 14 of the 25 largest sport stadiums in the world belong to American college football teams. Think about all the sexy cheerleaders there. Also, think about all the sexy girls cheering in the stands!

These college babes are hotter than hell! And all of them make me want to go back to college so bad! I would love the chance to do it all over again, or ya know, never leave.

So as we noted earlier, there are many all girl colleges out there. So fellas, take note that the state with the most women’s colleges is Massachusetts with eight. And if that’s too north for you, well Pennsylvania comes in second with seven!

There isn’t a person on the planet that wouldn’t love any of these girls. It’s truly hard not to obsess over their beauty! And we have no problem obsessing over these girls and their beauty!

Now we are almost done with this awesome post, but have no fear. We aren’t done yet and there’s still some sexy girls left. So keep on scrolling as the college girls continue to please you and your eyes!

So we have given you many facts here today. And we hope that you have learned anything from this awesome post. And hopefully you already knew this but if not, you definitely know that college girls are so damn sexy!



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