One of the best advances in technology in the past few years is the ability to get WiFi on an airplane. Sure, you normally have to pay way too much money for the world’s slowest connection, but can you really put a price on checking Instagram 20,000 feet in the air?


However, you don’t have to limit yourself to social media. If you’re looking for something a little more… adult, in-flight WiFi is there to cater to all your porn-seeking needs. You won’t necessarily be joining the Mile High Club, but if you really want to, you can achieve the next best thing (even if Bin Laden made it frowned upon).

It turns out it isn’t just the passengers that are using the offering on board for NSFW reasons. A flight attendant who apparently moonlights as a cam girl was recently fired for using the WiFI on her flight to put on her own show, and you need to see the video to see how ridiculous it is.

Of course, this isn’t the first flight attendant to garner attention for her attractiveness. While most people are probably disappointed with the middle-aged women that tend to man most flights, that doesn’t mean the flight attendant of your fantasies doesn’t exist…

Mandy Smith was a flight attendant for Virgin Airlines, but she was anything but a virgin. She admitted to having sex with a pilot in a book she published tracking her escapades in the air, and gave new meaning to the word “cockpit” in the process. However, she was far from the only person to use a plane as her personal playground.

There was a recent trend featuring flight attendants taking photos of themselves and their fellow employees in sexy positions aboard the planes they staff before posting them to Instagram. You wouldn’t think the women of Emirates Airlines would be the ones to pose suggestively aboard their flight, but they certainly had no problem with it.

There was even Hooters Air, the unfortunately short-lived airline with the hottest flight crews you’ve ever encountered. People might have said they were flying the airline for their in-flight meals, but everyone knows the real reason they came aboard.

The award for sexiest stewardess might go to Anastasia Babushkina, who was named the hottest flight attendant in Russia at the age of 23. You only have to look at the picture below to understand why she was worthy of the title. Of course, none of these pictures are nearly as naughty as the flight attendant that was recently caught stripping suggestively on camera.



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