Trends are being set all the damn time. And for the most part, these trends should be started by everyday, normal people like us. Well, that isn’t always the case. And more times than not, this isn’t the case at all.

So today, we will focus on who really sets the trends: the celebs. And these celebs today may be on to a new awesome trend of having perfect breasts and refusing to hide them with a bra!

Now we here really enjoying talking about smokeshows around the world. We love to highlight their beauty which comes in all shapes and sizes. We love to highlight their super sexy clothing choices.


We can focus on what is on top of the females clothes. We sometimes focus on what’s under that first layer of clothing. But today, we will focus on what’s missing with these clothing choices.

Generally if something is missing, that may be considered bad. Well, today, that couldn’t be far more wrong. As today, we have handpicked the hottest smokeshows that refuse to wear bras.


Now we can find so many people that refuse to wear a bra. But today we have something extremely special. Today we will happily highlight the hottest celebs with perfect breasts that simply never wear bras!

And as you can already see with just a quick glance, this is an awesome topic. But who in their right mind just wants a quick glance. You work hard, you deserve to at least stare for a little!


And today you can do much more than stare. Well, not much more, but there’s so many awesome pics. So you don’t need to obsess over one, just keep scrolling and more will come!

Now you may find these pictures very interesting. And to be clear, there is nothing wrong with that. But we also want to give you some interesting facts about the bras these celebs hate to wear.


So as you obsess over these pics, we will try to educate you. Even if you just learn that celebs hate bras, at least you learned something. But before the lesson begins, keep scrolling for more sexy pics!

One interesting fact is that the term “brassiere” was first used in Vogue in 1907. This means “support” which is what a bra is used for – to support our breasts. And then from there the word was shortened to the “bra” as we know it today.

Who wouldn’t want to support any of these lovely ladies? Well, we don’t think they need much support at all. These smokeshows don’t need bra support or financial support!

There has always been a fascination with breasts. In fact, this obsession can be dated back far longer than you’d imagine! And funny enough, the ancient Greeks thought the Milky Way was made from drops of breast milk from the goddess Hera.

Where did the obsession of wearing clothes come from. Now obviously clothing can be awesome at times. Just think of all these smokeshows in just lingerie for a second.

But who is to say that a female should wear a bra. Who is to say that females need that “support.” We as society should support these smokeshows in other ways.

We can support all of these lovely ladies through encouragement. And society should absolutely encourage more ladies to burn their bras! We can’t get enough of these braless beauties and neither should you!

Another fun fact about bras is that there were no cup sizes initially. In fact, it wasn’t until the 1920s where people started determining sizes. But a size is just a number for an article of clothing that doesn’t really need to be worn!

And these smokeshows here today really hate wearing bras. And to be clear, we have no problem with that. And to be fair, neither should any of you!

If we’re talking about bras we need to mention Mary Phelps Jacob. She didn’t create the first ever bra but she is still important. In 1914 she created a backless bra and that became super popular.

But as you can happily see here today, none of these ladies wear bras. And we need to encourage more ladies to be comfortable in their own skin. After all confidence is crucial in the game of sexual attraction.

As society continues to advance, so do breasts. And believe it or not, breasts are growing and they’re being desired at a bigger scale. And in this day and age, the average bra size is 36DD.

So obviously if the average size is 36DD, breasts are on everyone’s mind and in everyone’s sight! And to be fair, there is nothing wrong with that! Maybe the need to wear a bra is a body image issue.

Did you know that about 91% of women have body image issues. And all of these women will try to do something to change that perception. And who is to blame for this perfection perception – the media!

And in 2017, the media is a very powerful force. And the media has alot of power when it comes to what you watch. And did you know, that the more reality TV a girl watches, the more she cares about body image.

But reality TV isn’t to blame for these issues. Body image has always been a hot topic and it may continue in the future. Hopefully, we as a society can come together to change body image perception.

So hopefully society will come together to eliminate body image issues. We need to all praise every girl for her beauty. And we can’t get enough of these girls and their beauty!





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