#1 Former Mafia Lord

Former mafia enforcer Thom Miller, who has become a pastor while in prison, is trying to start a polygamous family ala ‘Sister Wives’.

#2 Thom Miller

Thom studied the Bible from cover to cover while in prison and claims that he lives a very Christian lifestyle. He found God 20 years ago in prison and believes that same-sex marriage is against Gods will, but having more than one wife is not, and he wants to campaign to have polygamous marriage accepted in his state and America.

#3 Building A Bigger House & Family

He is now building a new house in their hometown of Mansfield, Ohio, with one wing for each wife. His two wives take turns in living with him, spending three nights each with him on rotation.

#4 His First Wife Is Pleased With His New Wife

He is married to his first wife, Belinda, 44-years-old, with whom he opened a ministry which visits prisons and also has his own church in Mansfield, which is where he recently married 19-year-old Reba Kerfoot, whom he had known since she was a child.


#5 Reba Became Pregnant

Reba’s family objected to her relationship and did not want her with a man who was already married, and supposedly happy. However, shortly after her admission of the relationship, she announced that she was also pregnant. This prompted Thom and Belinda to ask her to join their ‘family’ as a second wife.

#6 They Got Married, Illegally

Thom married Reba on his seventh anniversary to Belinda and says, “The whole situation works for all three of us. I am the only one who is allowed to have more than one partner and both my wives understand and appreciate that. I think polygamy benefits everyone because my wives get to have a much larger family. It means they always have a friend with them.”

#7 Like Having A sister Around

The two wives say that there have been arguments in the past and at times there can be flares of jealousy but they manage to make it work. Belinda says she was with Thom all the way as far as having a second wife and “having another lady in the house not only makes our family whole but individually it’s a beautiful thing because it’s like having a sister around.”

#8 It’s Not Going Well With The Church

Not everyone is thrilled about their extended family. The congregation of his church in Mansfield wants him to resign as pastor and is threatening to move to another church if he stays on. ut Thom is promising his members that bigger things are on the way.

#9 He Wants To Fight For Polygamists Rights

Rev. Miller admits that his polygamous relationship is ‘different’ but also is quick to add ‘I don’t preach about polygamy but I feel it is a very Christian lifestyle. I’m going to try and fight the bigotry of that – this is America and my wives and I have the right to live any way we please – providing we’re not hurting anybody.’

#10 He Led A Life Of Violent Crime

Rev. Miller grew up in a housing project in Cleveland and ended up working as an enforcer for the local mob, and leading a life of crime, drugs, and violence. He was jailed a total of 20 times, shot 3 times, and fathered 12 children with five different women before ‘finding Jesus’ in prison.

#11 He Has A Past That’s Catching Up With Him

His church congregation are not only the people upset about the new marriage and child. He has a trail of furious wives and children who are certain he is scamming somebody with his new life and explain that he is not a rehabilitated person.

#12 A Trail Of Shattered Lives He Left Behind

He married his first wife when she was 16, his second when she was just 17, and his third wife when she was 18, but he had two mistresses in between, both already married to someone else at the time, with whom he fathered a child with each. He then went on to marry his fourth wife while having affairs with two other married women, also fathering children with those mistresses. He then married Belinda, his current wife, who was 38 at the time of the wedding, and now 19-year-old Reba.

#13 He Just Walked Away From His First Family

He abandoned his first wife and two children after beating her one night then leaving the house for cigarettes and never returning. She fought for many years to collect child support but was never able to get any from Thom, who was already in and out of prison and had no income to support his children.

#14 Second Wife Recalls Drugs, Guns, And Raids By Police

His second wife, Mary, who has four children with Thom, says that when her children were small he kept bricks of cocaine under the floorboards and hash under the son’s carpet. She says that on two occasions the FBI smashed in their door to arrest Thom. She says that on several occasions they found stolen credit cards, drugs, and guns.

#15 He Abandoned The Second Family To Flee The FBI

Thomas Miller walked out on his four children with Mary when the baby was just six months old. From left to right they are Angie, Dana, Leah, and Michael. Of course, she reports that he was in prison for so many different offences that she can barely remember him ever being with his family. His children, now adults call him ‘invisible’ since several failed attempts at reconnecting over the years all fell through as a result of him being incarcerated or on the run from the law.

#16 One Wife Claims He Tried To Encourage Her To Let Him Have Other Wives Years Before He Found Religion

His fourth wife Julia, claims that Rev. Thom was always bringing home other women and they would argue and fight over his infidelity. She says that soon after she discovered him cheating, he left her and married current wife Belinda, who she now believes he married while still married to herself. She says that he has always wanted several wives at once, and his new found Bible teaching shave nothing to do with it.

#17 He Is Building A Huge Home For His Expanding Family

The secluded woodland home which Thomas Miller now lives in with his fifth wife – who he called his ‘first’ – and his girlfriend, ‘sister wife’ is being expanded to make room for a bigger family, as Thom says that he ‘always wanted a huge family’. Apparently, he is forgetting all of his past wives and children.

#18 Planning A Reality TV Show

Several of his past wives have recently met for the first time, officially going on record to state that the ‘Reverend’ is a fake and fraud. He is in the talks with the A&E Network to do a reality show based on his extended marriage and family, and the other wives and children want it to be known that he is only doing the stunt for money, as usual.

#19 His 13th Child Is Born But He Owes Back Support To The Other Twelve

In the meantime, Reba gave birth to her first child, Catherine Angelica, last month. Thom says, “I felt very excited when she was born and I felt as if she was a part of me as she was a part of them. I mean we are one big family.”

One of his neglected sons says ‘He’s cheated and he’s gone through multiple wives and I don’t buy into his change of heart and his religiousness.’ Thom still owes three different states over $100,000 in back child support, and they claim that they are ready to take action on the newly religious polygamist.





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