Pornography is something that many find pleasure with and for many it’s still a taboo. People around us are still under the misconception about pornography and create a fuss about it. Here are some shocking facts about pornography that will blow y our mind-

1. Profit making industry:

The sex industry is one of the largest profit-making industry in the world that includes phone sex, prostitution, stripping clubs etc. Pornography has also raced with the football, basketball and baseball leagues from earning more profits.

2. Addiction:

According to the researchers, U.K people are far more addicted to pornography more than other activities like gaming, shopping etc. This boosts the overall web trafficking on the porn sites.


3. Unique visitors:

Every day the world of pornography is being visited by 30 million regular unique and visitors. This means people all over the world currently are utilizing some time in watching porn.

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4. Annual production:

After every 39 minutes a new porn film is shot in the U.S. Annually more than 13,000 porn films are shot each year and are available online. These films do earn more than 13 million dollars from pornography.

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5. Female oriented:

Men are considered to be reliable when it comes being counted on for something but the pornography industry mints money only because of women.

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6. Affects relationships:

Pornography largely influences the expectation level of intimacy amongst the genders which is responsible for bringing an end to a relationship.

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7. Teen Porn:

Statistics have shown post the year 2013, the demand for the category “Teen porn” has increased by three times and is booming pornography.

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8. Punishment:

When the whole world is busy enjoying pornography, one country is such that gives a call out for a penalty. Death is the punishment given to the ones who watch porn in North Korea.

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9. Remuneration:

The porn stars are not paid on hourly basis. They are paid as per their number of scenes. The overall income generation of a female porn star is more than a male porn star. However, if the male stars wish to make money in this industry they can opt for the GAY Porn section.

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10. drivers:

Germany is the second largest country in the world into producing porn on DVD and other web sources but the United States is the one to top the charts. Not to be forgotten Canada owes the biggest porn company in the world.

11. Workplace:

20% of the men admitted that they access and watch porn during working hours and 13% of the women admitted that they to do the same.

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12. Focus point:

More than the seducing body curves a male’s eyes focuses on the woman’s face while watching pornography.

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13. Side- effects:

Excessive exposure to this sector can hamper one’s mind and heart-making the person go wild, dangerous and unstoppable.

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