Jono Lancaster is not an ordinary human being. To some people, he’s no less than a hero. He suffers from a rare condition known as Treacher Collins Syndrome, which isn’t fatal but it results in horrible deformities of the facial bones.

Jono was only a few hours old when he parents abandoned him because of his deformity. Life hasn’t been easy for him since then. He was bullied at school and everywhere he went. But he rose to the challenge and made the best that he could.

He now organizes support groups and travels the world to increase awareness about his condition. He also helps others who suffer from the same and gives them hope alongside.

Check out Jono’s story here.

Meet Jono Lancaster.

He was abandned by his parents because of his condition and now he’s a hero to many people.

He suffers from Treacher Collins Syndrome.

This is a very rare genetic condition and it affects the facial muscles and bones. It also disturbs breathing, hearing and sigh.

Initially, he hated his appearance.

He felt isolated and he was bullied by everyone. But he turned it around.

He reached out to children suffering from the same syndrome

He went public and started organizing support groups and awareness camps for people suffering from Treacher Collins Syndrome.

He has reached out to many kids and made their lives better.

He learned to accept his body and started helping others do the same.

From that point, his life has only become better.

He is helping others in a very unique way and that gives him a lot of happiness.

Jono has seen a very dark side to life and has come out of it.

He is truly an inspiration for everyone out there.



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