3-D printing might feel like something out of you favorite science fiction movie, but it’s really here, and it’s ready to change your life. The next frontier of 3-D printing is changing your sex life, read below to see how this scientific marvel could help get you off.

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3-D printing might seem new, but it’s actually been around for decades. The first 3-D printer was created by Chuck Hull in 1983. It was first used to create a tiny plastic cup.

Now, 3-D printers are being used for all sorts of amazing things. Last year, one went to the International Space Station, where it’s being used to fabricate tools like wrenches for astronauts to use in repairs.

Like almost anything humans invent, of course, 3-D printing is now being put to the most obvious use: sex.

Condoms The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation offered up a nice sized grant to anyone who could create the Next Generation Condom. One of the winners was a team of researchers in Austria, who began working with hydrogels.

Hydrogels Hydrogels are basically materials held together by a chain of polymers. They’re super soft and can be designed to feel just like skin while still staying tough AND stretching over 1,000 times their initial size. Hydrogels can be 3-D printed, and researchers are now trying to figure out how to turn them into condoms.

Sex Toys 3-D printing allows us to design and build sex toys that are optimized for our own bodies.

Sex Toys Websites like MakerLove and SexShop 3D allow users to buy the plans for sex toys or upload their own, and they’re all either free or very cheap.

Sex Toys You can buy plans for and print everything from dildos to anal beads to cuffs for bondage play.

Warning BUT, don’t go putting your freshly printed toy…ANYWHERE…until it’s sprayed with silicone. 3-D printed objects are printed by layer, not as one big piece, and need to be smoothed out before they go inside you.

Organs 3-D printing has already been proven to work when printing small organs like ears.

Organs Recently, doctors from the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine 3-D printed “scaffolding” for a vagina and uterus to be surgically implanted in a woman who was born with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser Syndrome (where women are born with underdeveloped or completely absent sex organs).

Organs Once the organ scaffolding had been printed, doctors added the patient’s muscle cells to grow a new organ around the structure, and it was then implanted in the patient.

IUDs IUDs are simple but expensive, but a German designer has developed a new IUD called the Bearina. it’s super cute, with little bear-like ears. It’s not yet effective as contraception, but rather, it’s designer Ronen Kadushin’s way of making a statement. Still, it illustrates yet another way 3-D printing could affect your sex life.

“As an Open Design, the Bearina IUD promotes collaboration and free sharing of knowledge,” the designer says in his website. “Further developed by a networked community or in partnership with a forward looking pharma company, [i]t is always available for experimenting with and improving, and could evolve into a functional IUD.”

Public Printers All this is moot if you don’t have access to a 3-D printer, but thankfully there are places where you can use one. The UPS store has 3-D printers in almost 100 locations around the U.S., and there’s no rule that says you can’t print your own sex toy.



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