#9 More Secure

Being thirty means being a little more secure. Well, it isn’t as bad as it looks…

#8 True Friends

Well, lesser, the better. They say you don’t need more friends, you need true friends. Keep reading ahead to see more such amazing differences.

#7 Body problems!

Our body just stops listening to us post 30. No?

#6 A Perfect Trip

Well, the definition of a perfect trip changes drastically.

#5 Priorities

Priorities change with the age. You cannot do anything about it, it’s natural.

#4 So Cheesy

With priorities change the way you romance. Isn’t cheese more satisfying though?


Let’s just say that by the time we are 30, we are more successful and prioritize our work. Therefore, genuinely LATE is late for us!

#2 The Reaction

Now this is exactly how we’ll react, won’t we?

#1 Optimism!

In the end, it is all about being positive in life. Nothing will go wrong!



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