There are a number of things that can influence your sex life, from personal experience to your partner. And now, according to science, even your body type can affect the kind of sex you’re having. Member of the itty bitty titty committee? Got a big ole’ rump? Science knows what your sex life is really like. Find out more below!

You’re rocking a rack… In a research study published in Psychology Today, scientists found that guys who have no interest in becoming fathers were turned off by bigger chests. Also, bigger boobs are 24 percent less sensitive than smaller breasts—which is a bummer for your boobies.

You have a hairy chest… A study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that men who lacked chest hair were considered the most attractive by women. That is, unless a woman’s father was hairy, in which case she is more inclined to dig a grizzly man. Another study showed that gay men who strictly identify as “tops” prefer men with less hair on their chests while “bottoms” are into hairier men.

You have an hourglass figure… Time and time again, researchers have proven that heterosexual men love hourglass figures on women. It’s all in the hips!

You have big hips… In another study by the University of Leeds, they claim that women with a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7 was the ideal body type. This is because having big hips causes suitors to perceive fertility.

You’re curvy… Curvy women tend to be more open-minded in bed. According to a study done by the University of Leeds, women with large hips are more prone to one-night stands, hookups and are more open to “experimenting.”

Your index finger is shorter than your ring finger… While “bigger the hands, bigger the junk” might not be entirely true, that doesn’t mean there isn’t just a bit of truth to the expression. A researcher in Korea claims that a man whose index finger is shorter than his ring finger is more likely to have a bigger package.

You’ve got a big tummy… Apparently, fatter men actually have greater sexual stamina than slim men. This is because heavy men have higher levels of female sex hormones, which slows down their progress to orgasm. Chubbier women are more likely to enjoy sex than thinner women. Scientists believe that the more fat a woman has, the better her personality and the better she’ll be in the bedroom due to all the endorphin boosts her fat produces, which increases sexual desire!

You got a firm rear… A recent study in Russia claimed that men with toned asses are strong and last longer in bed. If you’re a bloke with a squishy bum, you’re more likely to be boring. Women with rough bottoms are highly-sexual (and apparently unkind), while those with saggier butts are good wives and mothers.

Feet… Men with big feet don’t always have bigger peckers. In 2002, a study proved that there is no direct correlation between foot length and penis length.

You’re short… Science says that shorter women have a lower center of gravity—AKA they have superb balance, which makes it easy for them to test out tricky positions.

You’re skinny… While men tend to perform the best while they’re boning a lady with a little waist, skinny people don’t get the same boost of endorphins in bed like their chubby counterparts do. Therefore, they’re not the greatest in bed.

You have long legs… Long legs apparently make people swoon! Science says that people whose legs are longer than the average person were considered the most attractive because they are perceived as healthier. If your legs are too long, though, you’ll no longer be seen as desirable.

You’ve got a big package… In a new study done by PLOSOne, researchers claim that men with larger penises are more likely to be cheated on by their significant others. “Every one inch longer penis increased the likelihood of women being involved in extra-marital partnership by almost one-and-half times,” the study found.

You’re small chested… We know it seems like society is pitted against you, ladies, but the reality is that women with small boobs get a lot more out of sex and foreplay. Smaller boobs are actually much more sensitive than big boobs!

You’re tall… While, yes, long legs are proven to be sexy, it’s not always awesome to bag a long-legged person in the sack, according to science. Tall women don’t have the opportunity to be tossed around in bed and cannot have a quickie in a public place. Plus, if a woman is exponentially taller than the man/woman she is seeing, it can makes things even more awkward in some instances.




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