When you need a place to shop that has low prices, you automatically think of Walmart. They pretty much have everything, including some strange people with some rather unique appearances. Now we try not to judge people for the way they look, but for some reason, you end up seeing some of the weirdest, and in some cases, the trashiest looks on people. Whether they’re wearing shirts that let their boobs sag, or wear clothes that are too small, their behavior is a little squirrelly. The fashion preferences of these folks leave a lot to be desired. Once you look at these customers you’ll be certain that they don’t have any real friends because real friends shouldn’t let their friends walk into Walmart looking like this.


#1. Is it a part of their hair or is it a scarf made from road kill?

Whatever the hell that thing is, it appears to be a trendy look at Walmart as two different customers have been caught sporting this thing.

#2. Walmart brings out the wild side in some of their customers.

All that leopard print! Olivia and Tracy from “Jerseylicious” would be so jealous of this look!

#3. How often do you see a supermodel shopping for food at a supermarket?

After she’s done buying food she’s going to head to the club to dance away any extra carbs.

#4. This customer doesn’t leave a whole lot to the imagination, does she?

We’re pretty sure that this isn’t what people meant when they said “Go full on Cowgirl!”

#5. Well someone’s looking a little patriotic today.

Who said you can’t show your American pride on wheels and make a little money in the process?

#6. Quick! Someone call animal control! There’s a wild fox on the loose!

You can’t look at this and not think of the song by Ylvis, “What does the fox say?”

#7. Some customers just love to clown around… with their look.

Mom please! Stop applying your makeup in the dark before going to Walmart.

#8. Walmart is the epicenter of the weird, the unexplained, and also prehistoric toenails.

Someone could definitely use a pedicure, like right now!

#9. Some customers are shameless. What are you doing down there? Looking for change?

Dude, you’ll find that holding your girlfriend’s hand in public is a lot more romantic than picking her butt.

#10. Even She-Devils need to do groceries.

Ironically, this isn’t the weirdest look Walmart has seen. They pretty much have everything, including hot pants.

#11. Looks like someone was in a hurry to get dressed this morning.

Maybe she’s just a really big fan of Superman and decided to wear her undies inside out. Don’t judge.

#12. Not every customer uses a car to get to Walmart.

Some prefer alternative modes of transportation like a bike or in more extreme cases, a horse.

#13. Have you’ve ever wondered what a female Leprechaun looks like?

Well wonder no more. Meet Lucky Charm’s s.o. Now where does she keep her pot of gold?

#14. Some customers walk into Walmart unsure of what they want to buy.

Unfortunately, this one’s in the wrong department. She ought to be looking for a shirt to buy instead of browsing in the electronics section.

#15. Even employees don’t seem to be faring any better in the weirdo department.

She probably shaved one eyebrow off by accident and decided on this look to avoid attracting attention to herself.

#16. Walmart is always an awesome place to test a new look before going to the club.

Boy, you’re looking so fierce in that cheetah suit, and it’s not going to call anyone’s attention at all.

#17. Walmart is a safe zone for all types of people with all shapes and sizes.

You have to give her kudos. It takes a lot of guts to wear this outfit in public.


#18. The latest items and low prices aren’t the only thing that’ll catch your attention.

On rare occasions, you’re bound to run into a sexy mama or two perusing through the aisles.

#19. Will someone please call the loony bin? There’s a mental patient on the loose.

Alright, so maybe she’s not crazy, although this look suggests otherwise. But roll the clock back three decades and she probably rocked this look.

#20. Only at Walmart can you find a DILF sporting this look.

He’s like a cross between Santa Claus and one of the members of “The Village People.” Guess you’re never too old to make a fashion statement.



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