The best photos are the ones that make you do a double take, especially when the resulting realization is hilarious. These 30 photos know how to make you look — and then make you look again even harder.

Below are some images that might seem normal at first, but will make you laugh out loud when you really see what’s going on. Take the hints and prepare your eyes to do some searching — #27 is a little tough to spot, but once you do you’ll be smiling from ear to ear.

#1. Check out what’s really going on in the puddle.

#2. This fish has a pretty interesting pattern, and by interesting we mean possibly offensive.

#3. That sure is an interesting statue.

#4. Yes but what’s most important is who is sitting under the bench.

#5. An eye trick of the best kind.

#6. That reflection sure is interesting.

#7. We’ll call this one a phallic collar.

#8. Someone got caught with his pants down.

#9. The table is telling a different story.

#10. The scariest passenger.




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