Have you ever wondered why you seem to be more drawn to one zodiac sign over another? Maybe you’re just wondering what it is that makes people attracted to you. Well, wonder no more, because astrology explains the seductive qualities of every woman of the zodiac. But we’re not talking about personality traits, good or bad. We’re referring to actual physical body parts that can mean different things to people of certain zodiac signs, because relationships aren’t always so cut and dried, and sometimes, we could all use a better understanding of how to turn a gal on in just the right places.


Aries have a very distinct way of walking that separates them from the rest.

The particular way that this person will walk and carry themselves says a lot about their personality and who they are.

But the best part about their bodies are their feet.

So if you’re an Aries, buy some open-toed shoes, or some flip-flops and show those puppies off!

Known for being reliable, practical, and ambitious, Taurus is known for having great hair.

They’re also known for being experts at seduction, but their power lies in their amazing hair.

So whip that hair back and forth and use it to bring all those boys to the yard.

Geminis are often expressive and quick-witted and have two different sets of these.

Not only are they known for having two different personalities, but if we’re talking about women, they also have really incredible attributes, which they can use to enchant any guy or woman they want.

After all, Geminis are often sexual creatures who are mostly proud of their bodies, and are not afraid to use them.

A sweet and loyal personality isn’t the only thing that accompanies a Cancer’s personality trait.

Guys simply can’t stop staring at them, so the next move is all up to you.

Any gal who is a Leo is warm, action-oriented and has the most intense eyes ever. They’re not afraid to make hardcore eye contact.

In fact, a lot of women born under this Zodiac sign do great in a career in performing arts because one glance is all it takes to captivate an audience, a potential suitor, or a one-night stand… we’re not judging.

It’s only natural that the sign, Virgo, begins with the letter V, as in vagina. No, really. This is not a joke.


That’s because the most special place and downright best attribute that a Virgo has is between their legs.

Of course, their outwardly calm personality can be a turn on too.

No guy can resist a pair of sexy legs, and maybe that’s why other women hate you so much.

Women under this sign not only have great legs, but are kind, gentle, and embody peace and harmony too.

Women who are Scorpios are simply bootylicious all the way.

Scorpio is nothing if not fierce, and what goes better with fierce other than a nice booty?


Sagittarius is extrovert, optimistic, and enthusiastic, which is why they love showing off their backs.

Hands may not always sound sexy, but in a Capricorn, it’s hard not to notice them.

Aquarius gals often have one of the flattest, and sexiest stomachs and they love showing them off.

Women who are Pisces often attract men with their beautiful, long, sex necks.




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