#1 Naomi And TJ

This is Naomi Jael Covert with her son TJ. The full time army wife’s husband has been deployed for 9 months.

#2 Wedding Pic

Naomi attendeda wedding with TJ and when he was hungry she breast fed him at the table. Someone snapped this pic and Naomi posted it on Instagram.

#3 Nursing Pics

Naomi had posted breast feeding pics to her Instagram in the past. “I wanted to show that it’s literally no big deal to breastfeed,no matter the circumstances.”

#4 Viral

EmpoweredBirthProject reposted the picture and it received 12,000 likes.

#5 Support

She was shocked at the number of Likes she received and the outpouring of support.

#6 Negative Reactions

While many were supportive, she did receive her share of negative remarks such as “hide under a rock” or “throw a blanket on” and even worse, “pump and bring a bottle”.

#7 Normal

The wedding guests did mind and Naomi thinks it’s a normal part of life, meanwhile many girls post revealing images of their breasts, showing far more than she did, and it’s accepted.




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