#13 Banned from Instagram

Either this girl is trying to show one of her friends how to do a unique kind of yoga move by taking a picture and sending it to her, or she’s just taking the most outrageous “sexy selfie” anyone has ever taken. It’s got it all – the naughty bits, the pouty face, the spread legs… I hope she didn’t get banned from Instagram for this!

#12 Natural Pose

This guy understands that the art of a true natural pose is to seem like you’re not even paying attention to the camera, like you’re too cool to even notice. However, that doesn’t exactly work if you’re the one taking the photos, and you would think he could have asked one of the many fellow passengers to take the photo rather than publicly humiliate himself!

#11 Banana Deep-throat

They say that there is nothing more awkward than making eye contact with someone while they’re eating a banana, but I would say that getting caught taking a selfie as you attempt to deep-throat an entire banana is far more embarrassing. To be fair, she’s doing a good job of it though!

#10 The Most Inappropriate Angle Possible


If that first girl managed to get away with not being banned from Instagram than they definitely would’ve caught this girl! After all, those are some mighty large breasts to try to conceal, and she doesn’t seem to be trying to conceal them… In fact, she looks like she’s trying to get the most inappropriate angle possible!

#9 That’s Not How You Wash Your Hands!

It’s common courtesy to ask someone’s permission before involving them in a selfie that they might have no desire to be a part of, but judging by the look on this old man’s face he’s been caught off-guard and probably doesn’t even know what a selfie is. As far as he’s concerned, this guy is just smiling and posing in a public men’s bathroom!

#8 The Sexy “Lay on the Pavement” Shot

This guy has gone all out with his subtle selfie, choosing to go for the sexy “lay down along the pavement” look. Seriously though; can anyone figure out what the scenario was here? Why is someone inside the closed store, taking a picture of a guy who is taking a picture in return from outside…?

#7 Don’t Do This Unless You’re in the Back Row

I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to possess a smartphone to take selfies on… thankfully, you can always just snap one on your laptop, much to the amusement of everyone sitting behind you who you didn’t realize can see everything you’re doing.

#6 One Direction Shopping Frenzy

This girl’s gone One Direction mad and gotten herself into a shopping frenzy! Unfortunately, she was so excited in her One Direction-merchandise-purchasing trance that she didn’t realize the time it took her to pull out her phone, strike this crazy face and take multiple selfies gave someone else a chance to catch her in the act.

#5 What Are You Doing…?

We’ve all taken our fair share of silly face selfies in our time, but most of us are self-conscious enough to make sure no one can see us taking the picture (which is weird when you think about it, considering we usually upload it onto Facebook for everyone to see immediately afterwards). The reason we do this is to avoid getting looks from weirded-out people exactly like this guy.

#4 Chillin’ Outside the Toilets

What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold. And what’s cooler than that? Taking a selfie out the front of a men’s bathroom as you sit there all suited up in what looks to be a very professional, executive place! I’m guessing he didn’t get there by taking badass selfies like this one!

#3 No Detention, This is Punishment Enough

It’s very hard for a black girl to come across as uncool, but this girl is certainly giving it her best shot! Normally these “what up” poses are reserved for places outside the classroom. Do you think the teacher took this photo, and uploaded it all over the Internet as punishment instead of giving her detention?

#2 Silly Selfie Skills Managed to Crack the Mirror

This guy made such a hideous facial expression for his silly selfie face that he actually cracked the mirror in the background! I thought that just happened in the movies; I didn’t realize you could actually do that! Tip of the snapback to you, sir. Job well done!

#1 Remember Your Medical Training!

What’s the first logical thing to do when you wake up after a post-car crash surgery and discover you might have several broken ribs? Hydrate? Have your family contacted? No… you make your ribs hurt even more by grabbing your phone and struggling to bring it up high enough to send a snapchat.



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