Sex never has to be boring. It’s easy to fall into a rut and rely on one position to climax. Still, after awhile the excitement of it wears off and you feel like you need to do something drastic to spice things up once again in the bedroom.

You can buy expensive lingerie, fill the room with candles and rose petals, and even change the room you usually do the deed in. These are all nice details but it does very little to actually help you reach climax.

Variety is the spice of life. Missionary position is great but maybe you just need to add one more move to make it exciting again. When you try a position once and it does not work out the way you both expected, don’t give up. Practice makes perfect. Here are 14 sex positions that women will absolutely love and want more of it.


#1. Modified Doggy.

Lie flat on your stomach, keeping the legs together. You can put a pillow under your hips to elevate you so it’s easier for him to enter. He can lean on you to create more intimacy.

#2. Spooning.

Have your partner enter from the back while lying down. This leaves his hands free to roam and pleasure you in multiple ways.

#3. Doggy Style.

This method may take time to find the most comfortable way to do it. Luckily, there are straps, wedged pillows, and lube to make the experience that much more pleasurable.

#4. Modified Missionary.

Doing it missionary style does not mean you just lie there and let the man do all the work. Wrap your legs around his back and pull him closer to you.

#5. Woman On Top.

This gives women complete control of the act. Not only are you uninhibited showing your body, being on top allows you to feel his full penetration.

#6. Reverse Cowgirl.

This position requires the woman to be on top but facing away from her partner. This position allows for better, depth penetration. The woman still controls the angle and speed.

#7. Legs Up.

This is like the missionary position but with the legs up. Depending on how flexible you are, you may opt to use one leg at a time until you build more flexibility.

#8. Use the same legs up position but rock back and forth.

Place a pillow under your butt, lift your hips, and bring your legs up and back towards you. This allows for deeper thrust and penetration, plus it can stimulate your G-spot

#9. Face to Face.

This move allows you to move not just up and down but forward and back, rubbing your clitoris against him while your breasts are perfectly aligned with his mouth. .

#10. Kitchen Table.

For this sex move, you’ll need a dining or kitchen table that comes to your man’s waist. Lie on the table with your butt near the edge. The perpendicular angle and him standing handsfree allows him to touch your clitoris unobstructed.

#11. Edge of Heaven.

Sit on the edge of a kitchen counter. Use bathroom counter for shorter guy. Pull him towards you and allow him to thrust inside you. Wrap your legs around his hips and hold onto his neck with your arms.

#12. Wild Pony.

Use a large exercise ball for this move. Lie facedown and let him enter from behind. If it’s too short, he can lift your legs wheelbarrow style. The ball with give a nice rhythm.


#13. The Treadmill Split.

Unplug your treadmill and put a leg over each arm railing. Let him slide into you while your suspended. You’re welcome.

#14. Couch Twerk.

Sit on him with your back towards his body and legs outside of his. Sit back on him to allow for deep penetration. If you are flexible try leaning forward and putting your hands on the floor. Caution as this gives him a very close up shot of your bum.



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