Hollywood films are notorious for their sex scenes. Particularly ones taking place in cars where the windows are steamed over, with a lot of grinding, and moaning. While these encounters take place in a confined space, the actors make it appear like this is the hottest, most sensuous sex they have ever had.

Reality is another thing. Whether it’s movie buffs or thrill-seeker, folks love nothing more than to emulate fiction. Trying to have sex in a car requires flexibility, leg room, and experimenting. And since people are always trying to defy the odds, it is only natural to try and find the best position to have out of this world, mind-blowing sex in a vehicle.

Thank goodness for their sacrifice as we can bring you the best tried and true car sex positions. These brave souls swear you will reach orgasm more than once. We encourage your engines are turned off for these.


#1. The backseat driver.

Push the passenger seat all the way to the front. Move to the back seat and have the woman sit, facing away from her partner.

#2. The side saddle.

The man will want to sit on the seat for this one while she sits on him but sideways, allowing for the legs to have space to stretch.

#3. The 90º wheelbarrow.

Recline the passenger seat as far as it can go. The male partner will sit with his knees bent at a 90º angle. The woman lies on you with her upper body leaning on the floor.

#4. The doggy style.

You may need to push all the seats all the way forward and open up a window or two. This will open up the area to get into the doggy style position.

#5. The stretch rolling.

Recline the driver’s seat as far back as possible. Have your partner lie on the seat while her legs are raised over her head, she can grab the end of the front seating for balance. For your part, stretch over the seat, holding on to the steering wheel.

#6. The seated rear entry

Have your partner sit directly on top of you while you are both facing forward. Find the best angle for penetration and have a go at it.

#7. The deep stick.

Recline the passenger seat as far back as it will go. Have her lie on her back with her legs over your shoulder while you thrust towards her.

#8. The wheelbarrow.

Not all car sex needs to take place inside the vehicle. Have your lady sit on the front of the hood with her hands leaning on the windshield. Grab her by the hips and ride her like a wheelbarrow.

#9. The Yab yum.

You can try this in the passenger seat or even on the hood of the car. Put yourselves in the lotus position where you both embrace and look into each other’s eyes while you bump and grind.

#10. The squat thrust.

This is a mix between the missionary and cowgirl position. To make it work go to the back seat in a diagonal pose to get the most penetration.

#11. The belt bondage.

Use the seat belts in the car for a little more risqué session and some fun and safe bondage.

#12. The leg up.

When you drive a small car, get creative. Roll down the window and put one or both legs out while you are getting it on with your man.

#13. The helluva cowgirl ride.

Move the front seats forward as far as possible. Have him lie on his back on the back seat with his knees slightly bent. Sit on him and ride him like a cowgirl in a car.

#14. The face-to-face spoon.

Cuddle together in the back seat lying down. Create a scissor like embrace with your legs. Keeping your balance and not falling in the foot area is key here.

#15. The side winding.

Have him sit on the passenger seat reclined back all the way. Raise your leg slightly while raising hers over your hip. You know where we are going with this.

#16. The reclining cowgirl.

Recline the front seat as far back. Have him sit to the side while you sit on him but bent over. You can also lean on his leg for support.

#17. The road head.

This move is solely for the purpose of oral sex. Park and lean back while she performs fellatio

#18. The tailgate.

Lucky are those who drive a truck. Use the back, lay some blankets or thin mattress, and make love under the stars.

#19. The side spoon.

Start with a little foreplay. Spoon and let the hands wonder where they may until you are both ready to have sex.

#20. The comfortable spooning.

Move the front seats forward. Have him lie in the back spooning you. Thrust your hips forward, holding on to the seat for support.

#21. The side over lap.

Recline the passenger seat backwards. Have him lie on his side against the side door. She lies towards you with her left leg over your hip.

#22. The reverse cowgirl.

Use the backseat and have him lie on his back with his legs raised. Sit on top of him, facing away from him while you ride him.

#23. The lap dance.

Have her sit on you and give you a lap dance in confined corners. You are facing each other and you are holding on to her head to make sure she doesn’t hit it on the roof of the car too hard.

#24. The standard missionary.

Go to the back seat and lie on your back for a cramped missionary position.

#25. The alternative missionary.

Push both front seats as far back as they will go. Have her lie on her back with her hips raised and the legs turned sideways. Go on top of her, using the top part of the seat for support.



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