#6 You’ll Sleep Better

Okay I warn you, I’m gonna get all scientific in my explanations here because I want to get the message across that this isn’t an opinion piece on why I think you should sleep naked; we’re providing solid facts that prove sleeping naked is better for you in several ways!

The first of which is your health.

For those who aren’t aware, the average person’s body temperature will drop a few degrees each night as you enter a proper deep sleep. This is normal, and it’s part of our “Circadian Rhythm”, which is a fancy term for the body’s intended sleeping pattern.

In other words, we get colder when we sleep because science…

Wrapping yourself up in layers of clothing before you go to bed can make it more difficult for your body to experience this natural drop in temperature. Think about it for a moment: compare the coldest nights you’ve ever had to the warmest… you still managed to sleep a lot better on the cold nights than the ones you spent tossing and turning restless in a sweaty bed, am I right?


#5 You’ll Ventilate Your… Bits

As nasty and unsanitary as this may sound, the climate of a lady’s vagina is commonly likened to that of a tropical rainforest in medical or scientific circles. Stop imagining a tiny village of natives living below your belt as if it’s the Amazon…

Vaginas are typically warm and moist, which is unfortunately an ideal spot for bacteria and other unwanted things to just sorta… hang out.

For this reason, you need to get a bit of a breeze between your legs from time to time to keep things fresh, clean and breezy down there! Keeping everything under wraps all day and again all night isn’t good for your health, as Jennifer Landa, MD described in her book, The Sex Drive Solution for Women.

Just by sleeping naked, you’re allowing nature to do its own form of spring cleaning down there and keep everything prim and proper.


#4 You’ll Feel More Attractive

This point is relevant regardless of whether you’re seeing anyone or not. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a boyfriend sleeping with you every other night or if the last time you got laid was around about the time Barack Obama became President of the United States.

Slipping into your bed wearing nothing at all will definitely make you feel sexy, and that’s a good thing – it’s important to enjoy your own sexuality! It’s even sexier in the morning, as well. Everything is always sexier in the morning.

There’s an air of confidence that will follow you out the front door in the morning when you wake up naked, too. Just don’t forget to put a robe on before you step outside the front door to get the newspaper from the lawn!

And if you do happen to have a sleeping buddy from time to time, don’t underestimate how much it turns a guy on to see that a girl is comfortable enough with her body to casually walk around the bedroom (or even the whole house) naked.


#3 You’ll Burn More Belly Fat

This one might sound a little ridiculous but it’s true! And if nothing else in this list convinces you to sleep naked, than perhaps this point will; sleeping naked has been scientifically proven to increase your chances of lowering your cholesterol and reducing your body fat (around the tummy especially).

So if the reason you don’t want to sleep naked is that you’re self-conscious about those love handles, this is the very thing that can help reduce them a little.

Without getting too into it, the Huffington Post published an article explaining that your growth hormones get a boost at one point during your sleeping pattern each night, while your cortisol levels stabilize.

These two processes work together to ensure you will have sufficient energy to get through the next day, while also stifling your appetite a little. If this process is interrupted, however – say, by getting woken up in the middle of the night because your pyjamas have tangled around you or are wedged up your bum – than the levels can get unbalanced and you’ll wake up much hungrier in the morning.

Sounds silly, I know, but don’t you find yourself munching down a lot more food on days where you get a shocking sleep the night before? Mmm-hmm, thought so!


#2 You’ll Have More Sex

Perhaps I should start with a disclaimer that if you haven’t had a date in 5 years and you read this article, strip off, jump into bed naked, and expect to get laid within the week – well, I can’t make any guarantees.

But there is a simple logic to the theory that more naked sleeping means more sex, and we already touched on it a few slides ago with the fact that you automatically feel much sexier when you start sleeping naked every night.

As for those of you with a partner, I mean this is pretty basic stuff, isn’t it? Do I really need to explain it? If you’re rubbing your naked body up against your boyfriend (whether intentionally, unintentionally, or even in your sleep) than you’re bound to have a few extra romps in the sack than usual and enjoy a much more intimate sex life.

This has nothing to do with how much sex you already do or don’t have – you can always have more, right? Sleeping naked certainly can’t hurt, and it helps skip a step too!

There’s also the health benefits, too. Sex releases higher levels of Oxytocin into the blood stream, which in turn relieves stress and anxiety, improves depression, and just generally helps with your frame of mind. Isn’t sex just the bee’s knees?

As Dr. Landa writes in her book, “Sleeping naked encourages sex and sexier relationships are happier relationships.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.


#1 You’ll Get To Sleep In

Who would have thought that sleeping naked meant sleeping in?

I’m not talking about calling in sick to work the next day, either. But however long you normally spend in the shower each morning is how much extra bed-time you could potentially gain, because you’ll find yourself waking up a lot fresher and cleaner when you sleep naked.

Sleeping without clothes means not getting as hot, which means less sweating, which means less stinky grossness, a better “morning hair” situation, and less need for a shower.

Wouldn’t you rather indulge in a nice long warm shower of a night right before bed, and then not have to get out of bed in the morning until ten minutes before you need to walk out the door for work? Or maybe you’d still need more than ten minutes – I don’t know what you eat for breakfast, perhaps you like to cook up a three-course meal every morning.

The idea of not showering of a morning might seem revolting to you, but I encourage you to try it after a night of sleeping naked – you’ll be surprised at how fresh, clean, and sexy you feel!

So let’s recap: you’ve slept better, you’ve done your vagina some sanitary favours, you’ve helped yourself keep the love handles off, you’ve had a slight sleep in compared to your old routine, you’ve woken up feeling ten times sexier and maybe even had sex before getting out of bed for your morning coffee (do you even NEED a morning coffee anymore?).

…Are you seriously still not convinced?!






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