Research has shown that having sex during a woman’s menstrual cycle actually helps relieve cramps and speed up the uterine shedding quicker. Women have been perceived as unclean during their periods. It’s a normal body function and nothing to be ashamed of, but still period sex is still considered taboo.

But it seems there is a trend and fetish lovers are taking advantage of during this time of the month; oral sex. People’s feelings about a woman receiving oral sex while menstruating has no grey area, folks are either all for it or completely agains it.


Guys have come a long way being totally comfortable with having sex with their partner while she’s on her period.

In fact, in a survey Men’s Health revealed 60 percent of guys are totally ok with doing the deed during this time of the month.

Guy Next Door columnist for Women’s Health, Clint Carter, confessed guys assume women want nothing to do with sex during their period.

In fact, he gives tips to ease guys into doing the deed

While some men are uncomfortable and turned off by a little blood, others look forward to it.

Menophilia is considered a fetish, of an individual getting turned on by their partner’s menstruation.

Another name for guys who like this kinky sex are often referred as “Blood Hounds.”

At times it has been described as men showcasing their alpha male status. As in, these guys are so filled with testosterone that a little blood will not scare their macho self from getting hot and bothered.

Author of Hells Angels, A Strange and Terrible Saga, Hunter S. Thompson wrote how members of this organization had one final initiation test.

Thompson shed light in 1966 by revealing how Hell Angels’ members earned their red wings by performing oral sex on a woman who was on her period. The wings came from getting blood on their cheeks.

The belief again was that only a true, tough guy would be able to handle such a feat.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to desire oral menstrual sex to be a man. It doesn’t make you any less macho for not finding this a turn on.

Fetish expert and sex writer Ali Fox warns on this erroneous notion.

“To imply that a gent is somehow less decent or weaker a person if his tastes don’t extend to ‘loving’ oral sex during menstruation is unhelpful,” she tells The Telegraph.

“You can be an open-minded person and still have things that simply don’t float your boat,” Fox explains.

Fox also advices that women don’t need to be into it either.

As this trend becomes more and more popular, women are told oral sex while on their period is a liberating experience.

“For a proportion of women, having a guy go down on them while they’re feeling crampy and grotty is not fun,” Fox explains. “That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re repressed or afraid of their own womanhood – they’re just not into it.”

Some women may love to be tied up, even spanked, but not be into anal sex.

While others will do anal but find no joy in using sex toys in the bedroom. Everyone likes different things.

It’s not about being a prude, oral period sex is a fetish.

It’s only natural for women to want to focus on getting past their menstrual cycle days and feel like themselves again, sans blood.

The secret to great oral menstrual sex may be in understanding a woman’s body.

The shedding of the uterus is released through the vagina.

The clitoris and the vagina are not in the same spot.

The distance between the two is about 2.5cm. Women orgasm from oral sex when the clitoris is stimulated not the vagina.

Hence, a woman can have her period, wear a tampon, and enjoy having oral sex.

Although men who are in to oral period sex say part of what makes this enticing is the smell which is often described as musky.






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