#1 Does He Go Down More Often While Making Love?

He may think he’s doing you a sexual favor by going down, or even helping certain medical conditions that are rumored can be cured by the tongue…

#2 Reducing The Risk Of Preeclampsia?

No matter how risky preeclampsia be, ingesting semen does not reduce the chances of its happening. So, if he is boring you with it, tell him, it is crap. Although, thanks for being considerate.

#3 Getting Bored?

He might have made assumptions that you are looking to cheat on him or are being sought after by another guy. This might be his way of telling you that he is the best you can ever have! Funny how men act on their insecurities, right?

#4 Lack of excitement?

He might be wondering that you are bored of him and now are interested in other, better looking dudes, especially that hot one in your office. Tell the truth, are you? This is why he wants to make you feel special.

#5 How do you feel about it?

Skills and trust are two things which are taken into consideration if women likes the man going down on her. She might enjoy it or she might not. You might be good at it or you might not. Bottom line: It is not a key to gain loyalty, boys!

#6 Bottom line.

Stop making fear-based decisions about sex. Oral sex will not buy your partners loyalty. It’s a thing you do it and they like it.




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