Sometimes we just want to do what we please without ‘following the rules,’ or taking others into consideration. Most of us don’t dare though (probably a good thing for the most part!) but these 20 people couldn’t have cared less. They just did exactly what they wanted and the results are hilarious:

1. A little warm?

2. “I think I’ll just take a look at my favorite magazine — on the subway.”

3. Perfect place for a nice, strong cocktail.

4. They did say, “Help yourself.”

5. One of these costumes is not like the others.

6. Coolest grandpa ever.

7. “I have to finish up something really important, but then I’ll be right with you.”

8. When class starts too early…

9. The public fan…

10. Forgot to buy birthday candles? No problem!

11. Just out for a quick ride…

12. “So… which one should I get?”

13. When the couple-selfie just can’t wait.


no image


14. Some getaway vehicle…


15. They’re just going to have to wait till Grandma’s had her joyride.

16. That’s one way to respond to a flood!

17. Quick nap.

18. Never fly without your tent!

19. Someone has to tell him that there’s another way…

20. Interesting choice… But whatever you do, just don’t look up.




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