#6 19 And Counting

While it’s not normal for the average family to have 19 kids, it’s even weirder for one of the brothers to molest 4 of his sisters…and the parents cover it up!

#5 The Bearded Lady

Vivian Wheeler was born a hermaphrodite AND suffered from Hypertrichosis, aka Werewolf Syndrome. So while she worked in the circus as The Bearded Lady, her son Richard Loreng was put into foster care. Thankfully, they’ve recently reunited and share their story on television.

#4 Granny and Grandson Love

Phil Bailey was given up for adoption, and 26 years later decided to reconnect with his grandma…as his birth mother had recently passed away. 72-year-old Pearl Carter and her grandson were instantly ATTRACTED to each other and have a surrogate baby together!

#3 Springer Twins

Twins Jim Springer and Jim Lewis met after being separated for 39 years, and quickly relaized they both: Owned dogs named Toy as children, were married to women named Linda and Betty and have nearly identical IQ’s and handwriting!


#2 Gray Family

John Gray was facing assault charges, and decided to skip bail and live with his family in isolation. The family of 10 live on 47 acres of land, and are highly armed. They grow their own food, make their own clothes, and live without electricity.

#1 Neil The Lion

Tippi Hedren, her husband, Noel Marshall took in a lion to live with them, which ended up injuring over 70 people including the family of three.




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