Some couples hold hands and demonstrate their affection for each other and it’s really sweet to watch them. But every once in awhile, a couple comes into the picture, kissing each other, and then before long it’s turns into a heavy make-out session. It’s uncomfortable for those around them. Sometimes you start to wonder if they even realize how absurd they look. Take a lot at these people who have gone way too far and be sure you never do this.


#1. That’s what friends are for.

You know you have true friends when they do this for you.

#2. Too much PDA

Mouth is a little too open.

#3. Subway train is good of a place as any…. NOT.

Because who cares?

#4. Because she can.

And she wants to.

#5. “Let me cop a feel.”

It’s not like there are that many people around or anything.

#6. Horny is horny.

Why should he stop for other people?

#7. Surprise butt-check.

Just in case it changed size from a few minutes ago.

#8. A little teaser while we get home.

A real subtle one, too.

#9. Making sure they’re still nice and full.

Yep. They’re good.

#10. Umm… Awkward much?

Looks like a Starbucks. No wonder kids love this place.

#11. Teenagers… Pfft.

Get a room!

#12. You want to see, babe?

A public park is the place for public affection, after all.



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