Everyone on planet earth is born completely different, no two souls/beings are the same. All people come in different shapes and sizes and no one should be shamed for being or looking a certain way. With that being said, as men, we should be able to spot our personal anatomies and genitalia out of a lineup with ease. We know what shape, size, and hue our junk is and whether big or small we should be proud of what we got so, we’re here to speak for the dudes out there that might not be packin’ the biggest punch if you know what we mean. With that being said, check out these hilarious benefits of having a lil’ peep.
Germ Free

Surprisingly, having a smaller package is beneficial because you’re less likely to catch an infection while urinating. The less of a path urine has to travel down the urethra, the less likely toxins can affect your body or reproductive system. Also, if you’re sitting on a public restroom toilet you don’t have to worry about the water splashing on your shaft or touching the rim of the toilet. Not so bad, if you ask us.
Deeper Pockets

For those of you who think that being on the small side of things is all bad, we bet you never thought about how much roomier less-endowed men’s pockets are. Yeah… You ever think about that? There’s room for everything in those slacks and jeans, keys and cool knick-knacks, things you could never imagine…
Saving The Environment

If you happen to not be so proud of the fact that you’re not packing think about this… You’re helping the environment dude, by not wasting so much hazardously made and harmful latex. Extra small condoms are a benefit for our oceans and ozone layer, you guys are doing your part to save the world just by having a tiny penis.
Pleasing Her

Ladies, we can hear you snickering and pointing from here but, did you ever think about how a small hammer can be beneficial for you in the bedroom? We know, most of you are thinking nothing but, a smart man with a tiny tool knows should definitely know how to please a woman in many different ways. You never know, that tiny fella might be a master at cunnilingus.
Erections In Public

One thing men about dudes on the small side of things is that they don’t have to worry about the embarrassment of popping a boner in public and having to hide it by excusing themselves from the room, flipping it in the waistband of their jeans, or walking awkwardly to a less noticeable area until things cool down. These dudes can be fully engorged and go about their day with no fear of being scrutinized.
Hugs Are Always An Option

Growing up as adolescents, a lot of us had extreme anxiety when it came to hugging our young female counterparts while at half chub or feared popping a boner in the midst of a slow dance but, these aren’t concerned for the part of the population that is less-endowed. Hugs and slow dances are accepted at all times.
>Peeing Itself Is Just Easier

For all the fellas out there that aren’t packing, they have yet another blessing in the form of how they use the restroom. While everyone else is focusing on aiming their peckers inside of the bowl or the back of the urinal with their hands, the smaller guys can control their device free of their hands because their lack of shaft length helps them aim.
Save Bucks On Shoes

We all know what big hands and big feet mean, so the same has to apply for small hands and small feet. With that being said, all the fellas out there with smaller packages can save money on their kicks by shopping in the kids’ section. Sounds like a win if you ask us…
Gives You A Reason To Make Crazy Purchases

For all of you dudes out there with huge trucks and large knife and gun collections, you’re not fooling anyone. Having the small one usually causes grown men to overcompensate and make outrageous purchases or buy something really large in order to make up for what they’re lacking in their trousers and that’s ok buddy… We respect you.
Sleeping On Your Stomach

Despite the fact that sleeping on your stomach is one of the better ways to some much-needed rest it can become a hassle if you’re packing. The constant adjusting and replacing of the hips just so your package is in total comfort can grow to be annoying. Fortunately, if you’re lacking you could get some shut-eye while laying on your stomach, free of hassle like this guy. Look at that smile…

HIV Free

This could be the most beneficial statement we’ve made yet about having a small or micro-penis… You’ll most likely remain HIV free because the ladies will be so busy laughing at the sight of your peep and grabbing their coat and jacket on the way out the door that you won’t even get the opportunity to catch HIV. Stay woke.

You can easily become the life of the party if you happen to be a part of the less-endowed squad. All you need to do is tuck your sack and peep in between your legs and show off your man-gina to all the partygoers once things officially out of control. You could become the man on campus because of that little pecker of yours.
It Fits In Any Hole

For all of you women out there with extremely tight lady parts or that want to try anal for the first time without ripping your butt to shreds, you might as well look for a guy who isn’t packing a sledgehammer but one of those toy hammers that come in a Fisher Price tool belt.

If you happen to be well-endowed then you know the struggle of finding the perfect under to fully support your goods. Luckily, for those that are lacking in that department almost any kind of underwear would do, saving many the hassle of finding the right pair.
The Benefits Of Fellatio

Ladies, before you bash all the men out there that aren’t packing think about the benefits of performing fellatio on someone who isn’t packing? It could potentially turn into the best oral performance of your life and you don’t have to worry about getting poked in the eye or your jaw getting sore. Doesn’t sound half bad, eh?



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