Selfie trends and challenges are essentially what the internet lives for these days. What other reason is there for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to exist but to continue producing these piping hot selfie trends? While most of the challenges we’ve seen recently involve standing still for a specific amount of time (i.e. The Mannequin Challenge), using a water bottle to make your lips look bigger (The Kylie Jenner Challenge), or swallowing a spoonful of cinnamon (The You’re An Idiot If You Tried This Challenge), the latest one to take over the internet is much racier and involves a lot of nudity. It’s called the One Finger Challenge, and dozens of people have been trying it out.

Challenge. Thanks to a cartoon, a new challenge has hit the internet, causing quite a stir due to its controversial subject— nudity. It’s called the one finger challenge and it involves taking a nude mirror selfie and using just your pointer finger to cover up your breasts and genitals.

Controversy. The cartoon it originated from was created by a Japanese anime artist named Sky-FreeDom and shows a girl doing the same thing in the mirror, reports the Sun UK. While the challenge has become increasingly popular, it’s become the subject of discussion by some who think it’s essentially giving people the opportunity to body shame those doing it

Privacy. Teen Vogue brings up the point that any underage people participating in the challenge could face charges of distributing child illicit materials if they post the photo to the internet. And regardless of if your settings are on private, people can always somehow manage to get a hold of the photo.

Video. One YouTuber named Aimee Davidson did a video of herself trying the challenge out. In the beginning, she tries the challenge out while still wearing clothes, just in case it doesn’t work out and she ends up accidentally exposing herself. However, later on she uploads a photo of herself completely naked doing the challenge successfully

Empowering. Another transgender blogger named Delia Melody decided to take the challenge and make it empowering for herself. She wrote in the caption underneath the photo of herself “Yes, I’m #transgender, yes my boobs are real, No, I haven’t had ‘The Surgery™’ and yes, I nailed the #onefingerselfiechallenge,” reports the Sun UK.

Be careful. The challenge isn’t just for women however. A handful of men have also taken to giving the challenge a try for themselves, and succeeding. If you’re going to try the challenge out for yourself, be careful where you post the photo and make sure you’re doing it correctly so you can avoid accidentally exposing yourself.

Other challenges. Just a few months ago, we saw another challenge going viral on the internet— the backpack challenge. This challenge involves running down two rows of people while they pelt backpacks at you. Although it seems really painful, dozens of people have been uploading videos of themselves doing it.
Backpacks. The challenge has been most popular amongst high school students as they’re typically the ones who are always carrying backpacks around. The person participating has to try and get down the line without being knocked over by the backpacks in order to complete the challenge.

Viral. Videos of people doing the challenge have started going viral on Twitter, where it’s been reported that the challenge originated. This challenge comes just a few weeks after another challenge went viral on the in fernet: The Mannequin Challenge.

Still. The Mannequin Challenge has gained so much popularity that even celebrities and politicians alike have taken to doing it. It involves standing completely still, just like a mannequin, while someone else filmed the entire scene.

Toys. After the Mannequin Challenge also came the Andy Is Coming challenge, which takes inspiration from the character in the movie Toy Story who owns toys that come to life when he leaves. In the movie, Andy’s toys fall down and remain completely still when Andy comes in the room so that he doesn’t see their alive.



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