There are pros and cons to servicing someone through a glory hole. On the plus side, you don’t have to worry about how they look, in case they’re really ugly. But on the downside, you could wind up doing someone you’d never, ever go down on for all the money in the world… like your brother. Then again, anonymous sex through a hole in the wall can be a risky endeavor, especially when the sneaky porn industry is involved. While someone probably finds the idea of sibling sex kinky, porn actors Madeline Madison and Chuck Tang sure didn’t.


Madeline Madison had booked a gig with Come And Go Productions.

The title of the film was “Milk Maids 2.” But the last thing she expected when she reported for duty that day was that she’d be doing the unthinkable.

Madison wasn’t exactly familiar with the previous “Milk Maids” film.

But nothing in her contract suggested that she would be secretly performing fellatio on one of her own relatives.

In an interview, Madison claimed that the producers wouldn’t allow her to meet the other performer.

This was something that she found to be really odd because she normally preferred to make an emotional connection before doing a scene.

The only thing she didn’t realize was that she already had a connection to her co-star.

The man she serviced was Chuck Tang, who was also her flesh and blood brother. But at the time, she didn’t have a clue.

So naturally, she did as she was instructed and did a hell of a job on her brother Tang.

Usually, she tries to quickly fall in love with her fellow actor because it makes her job a lot easier if she loves the man she’s ready to have intercourse with. Funny enough, she already loved him, just not in that way.

Obviously, a scene this naughty was bound to attract lots of seedy customers.

But Madison insisted that she had no clue that the porn company would trick into an incestual scene like this one.

The company hasn’t shown scenes with real incest in past titles.

But now that Madison and Tang have been caught engaging in real incest, the industry stands to make billions in Japan.

For Madison, this act has left her completely disturbed, making it difficult to work.

She also didn’t get paid much either. She only got $100 for her scene and a lifetime of emotional scars and distress.

In the end, Madison’s experience with her brother Tang has left their sibling bond up in the air.

She claims that she can’t even look at her brother in the eye anymore, which is unfortunate because she actually cares about him, but not in an incestuous way. So from her perspective, her life is ruined.

But according to the production company, Come-and-Go, Madison was not so innocent.

They claim that she knew what she was doing before agreeing to do the scene, but of course, Madison claims otherwise.

Meanwhile, Madison is suing for $3.2 million and a Corvette for her troubles.

But director Jameel Mendoza allegedly insisted that “she’s a liar and she’ll do anything for money.”

As Madison wonders if she can ever become whole again, Mendoza defends his actions.

He claims that they normally would have paid a third-rate porn actress $25 for a glory hole scene, but they paid her $100 because she was servicing her brother.




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