Women put themselves through a lot of pain and suffering to look their best. One would think getting a new hair colour or rocking the season’s hottest trend is enough. The female species also has to deal with deciding what is the best, ahem, landscaping option for their nether regions.

Women usually star their grooming journey with shaving before moving to the more agonizing and torturous method like waxing. And just when you think you are going to pass out from the first wax strip yanking your pubic hair out, the aesthetician delicately asks, “just a little or all?” As in, do you want to continue enduring the agony or call it a day.

It seems men feel they have a say on how their girlfriends and wives’ private parts should be groomed. You will be surprised to find out what guys prefer. While we think women should do whatever they want with their bodies, we appreciate men’s honesty on the subject.


Hair is there for a reason. Doctors explain that women have pubic hair to protect the vagina from bacteria, viruses, and more.

Nonetheless, women have chosen to be free and go bare. Although, there are actual variations of how much to take off and keep on.

There is a plethora of designs, that can be easily accomplished

From martinis, bonsai, heart, and flame designs, there is something for everyone. Just think someone took the time to learn all these styles.

Women are less judgemental of a man’s pubic hair. It may be the assumption that guys don’t need to do anything down there.

Yet, men have an opinion and preference on how they want their partner’s private parts to look.

Some women still shave down there. This old method increases the likelihood of ingrown hairs and the hair grows back within days.

Nowadays, women can have the hair removed by waxing or laser treatments. Even within waxing there are three options to choose from; honey wax or sugaring, hard wax, and strip wax.

Do guys feel the same pressure as women to remove their pubic hair.

20% of guys understand that if the women are working this hard to be groomed, the least they can do is return the favour. Nonetheless, another 12% just doesn’t feel pressure or doesn’t care.

Men care too much how much pubic hair a woman sports. A surprising 41% think their significant other needs to be fully bare.

Good thing a woman’s personal preference does not impact the potential to have a great date or romantic rendezvous.

Don’t ever complain that your other half is judgemental.

In fact, over half of women do not even care if guys decide to go au naturel or let it all grow out freely.

Do men in New York have a different preference compared to the rest of the country?

It’s nice to know the guys in the Big Apple are more likely to be accepting of women making their own choices without added pressure.

Do we care that much?

Let’s be honest, being in a healthy, loving relationship is more important than the amount of hair a woman has in the nether regions.





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