Miley Cyrus is known for her shocking and disturbing acts in the public. Once known as Hannah Montana, Miley finally changed the perspective of her viewers. Now, she is the uncontrollable “rebel” that doesn’t care about her image or what she portrays. Many hate her for her outrageous behavior but she has a fan following who consider her an inspiration.

Here are 20 “Oh no, she didn’t” moments.


#1. It All Started Here

Miley once used to have a “good girl” impression, and raised many eyebrows when she did a nude photo shoot for Vanity Fair.

#2. Kissed a Back Stage Dancer

If Miley did that now, it wouldn’t have been big news. But back when Miley was still considered an idol for teen girls, this behavior caused a lot of criticism.

#3. The Ultimate Change

The “mad” transformation took place when Miley suddenly chopped her hair off and went for a pixie cut.

#4. We Can’t Stop Video

Miley continued to surprise us with her videos and outrageous performances. The video also introduced us to her twerking.

#5. Fish Net Dress

Miley appeared at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, wearing nothing but a net and underwear. Little did we know that this was just a start to her outrageous fashion.

#6. Miley’s Performances Never Failed to Shock

The more we thought that Miley’s stunts won’t surprise us anymore, her live performances kept proving us wrong.

#7. “Good Golly, Miss Miley!”

Now we see Miley on the Rolling Stone cover, completely nude, licking her shoulder.

#8. Miley’s Style Statement

Miley is now known for her distinctive style and clothes (if she wears any). Even at formal events, we see her walking almost nude, making an appearance.

#9. You came in Like a Wrecking Ball!

Wrecking Ball’s video wrecked the internet. Miley, hanging on a ball, sings an emotional song, nude. Some justify it by going into the depth of the video. While others call it outrageous and attention seeking.

#10. The VMA Performance

This particular VMA performance is never going to be forgotten. Miley twerked with her tongue out, both entertaining and surprising her audience.

#11. Smokes a Joint

At the MTV EMA’s, Miley Cyrus smoked a joint on stage. According to her, she did it “for a few laughs.”

#12. Bleached Eyebrows

Just when you think you’re immune to Miley’s weirdness, she bleaches her eyebrows blonde. Clearly not her best look, just different maybe.

#13. That Fashion Sense

Apart from “creative” dresses, Miley’s accessories are no less of a surprise.

#14. And it keeps getting Weirder

Miley’s dressing can never fail to shock you. Just take a look at this picture.

#15. VMA “entertainment”

And again Miley comes on stage almost nude. And that “dress” can’t really be explained.

#16. What’s with the Tongue?

Miley’s tongue is always a part of her performance. She sticks it out, as much as she can, and twerks.

#17. The Dancing

Miley’s dance is always considered to be outrageous. Even if you have seen her performances, are fully aware of her image, you still can’t stop shaking your head in disbelief when she performs.

#18. The Pictures Never Stop

And it is not just the performances, the fashion, or the videos. Miley’s selfies and online appearance is always a topic of discussion.

#19. Proud of the Tongue

She is never sorry for her behavior and snubs the criticism. According to her she’s just being herself.

#20. Bleached her Armpit Hair. Yep.

No, the eyebrows were not enough. Hey, she’s proud of her body and does anything she wants. No judging!

#21. The Don’t Care Attitude

Clearly, Miley can’t get away with criticism. But she never takes it seriously, and gives a “haters gonna hate” statement in return.



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