Car repairs are nothing but trouble. Not only do you usually have to deal with a shifty-eyed dude named Steve who tells you your transmission needs to be replaced when all you came for was a scratch repair, but you also have to fork over hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars to get it done. It’s one of life’s worst nuisances, but unfortunately, a necessary evil.

These people decided to think outside the box when it came to their car repairs and combine a little bit of creativity with a little bit of DIY. The results are…interesting. But hey, at least they didn’t cost an arm and a leg?

#1. There’s no wrong way to have a bumper.

#2. And you can take it out for extra seating at picnics.

#3. Gotta love a car with AC.

#4. This isn’t going to end well.

#5. Such a sweet effort.

#6. A premium wooden bumper.

#7. This isn’t going to work.

#8. A knob is a knob.

#9. When life hands you lemons, make Ninja Turtles.

#10. Sure, why not?

#11. For hot messes on the go.

#12. Good try.

#13. One of these wheels is not like the other.

#14. At least he got to eat the Doritos beforehand, we’ll call that a victory.

#15. Bringing new meaning to the phrase “rear door.”

#16. At this point, it’s more tape than car.

#17. He’s making do with what he has.

#18. Okay then.

#19. Not the best idea, but a notable effort.

#20. Is that vinyl siding?

#21. Awww.

#22. A+ for ingenuity.




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